Please fill out the information below to submit a request to be able to coordinate your design order with Casita Blanca on your behalf. Contingent upon order volume, you can save 10-15% on your order. 

Step 1

Fill out the form below with all information requested

Step 2

Within 48-72 hours, you will be contacted regarding your order

Step 3

Your order will be built and sent to you for approval, inclusive of pricing break down

Step 4

Once approved, a call will be scheduled to place your order with Casita Blanca

Please allow 2-3 business days for our team to contact you regarding your design order.


Can I use my own credit card?

Yes – all purchases are made through the customer (most people also want the points or have a retailer card to be able to benefit from the usage).

Where do you have trade accounts?

Go ahead and fill out in your information and I will be able to respond whether or not I have a trade account with that retailer. In most cases, I can apply for one if I do not!

How do I make a return?

Since all items are purchased through you, any returns can be coordinated by you with the retailer directly.