Currently we are pausing the interior design sideĀ  of things as we are working on some exciting new things so stay tuned for that announcement!

Our Philosophy

Because one size does not fit all.

We are not just placing objects in a home, we are crafting a way of life. At Casita Blanca, we bring highly customized interiors that provide tailored solutions for a variety of client needs. We combine sophistication with functionality resulting in timeless, bespoke design that truly transforms spaces.

It’s more than just beautiful furniture and a glossy finish. It’s about incorporating your family’s story into the space. Because of our approach, no two spaces are exactly alike. And we love it that way.

What we do:

  • Coming soon!

Furnishings Brokerage
  • For significant furnishing purchases, allow Casita Blanca to broker on your behalf.
  • See value and savings on your statement and focal pieces.

Our Thinking...

"Bridging the gap between form and function."

We believe that interior design should be beautiful, and also functional.

Incorporating elements and pieces that inspire yet serve a purpose is a fundamental part of what makes a house, a home.

"It's amazing how helpful this process has been from beginning to the last details. It's made my life so much easier."

- client