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Let your inner light shine.


CASITA BLANCA IS a home decor community

Casita Blanca was founded in 2022 and has become the go-to home decor resource empowering women with inspiration, guidance, and a supportive community as they transform their living spaces into havens of style and comfort.

We are not just placing objects in a home, we are crafting a way of life. At Casita Blanca, we combine sophistication with functionality resulting in timeless, bespoke design that truly transforms spaces. 

The home aesthetic is about more than just beautiful furniture and a glossy finish. It’s about incorporating your family’s story into the space. With this approach, no two spaces are exactly alike. And we love it that way. 

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Meet Nicolette

In 2022, Nicolette Saenz was working in construction as an engineer. Out of sheer passion for design, she started a Facebook group dedicated to home decor and interiors. And so, Casita Blanca was born.

The group took off quickly, soaring to over 80k members in just a few months. Now, Nicolette serves as a resource to help members of her community curate a home aesthetic that celebrates each of their unique stories.

The name Casita Blanca means “Little White House” and is named in honor of Nicolette’s grandmother, Blanca. She resides in Mexico and is a constant inspiration to our founder.

Casita Blanca - Interior


Norma has been a foundation and pillar for Nicolette, and is the reason for her work ethic, drive, and motivation. She taught her the meaning of a dollar, that hard work always pays off, and to always help others in need (big or small).

Nicolette’s grandmother, Blanca has been a source of encouragement and inspiration. Although she doesn’t work directly with the company, it was her advice to her granddaughter to “let your inner light shine” which became the mantra that shaped Casita Blanca.


Casita Blanca wouldn’t be what it is today without Nicolette’s parents. Since the founding of the original Facebook Group, her dad has been carrying the torch, moderating, and connecting the dots for Nicolette and group members alike. 

Her mom has become her virtual assistant, helping Nicolette organize and prioritize her time to be able to maximize efficiency. 

Nicolette’s rescue dog, Ellie, has become her best helper by keeping her company as she works on community building and product sourcing.

This truly has become a venture, completely surrounded by family. Without them none of it would be possible.

Our thinking...

"Bridging the gap between form and function."

We believe that your home should be both beautiful and functional. Incorporating elements and pieces that inspire, yet serve a purpose is a fundamental part of what makes a house a home.


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