Back to School | College + Dorm Finds

Back to School | College + Dorm Finds

As many of you are searching for Back-to-School items for your children, nieces, nephews, and grandkids, I wanted to round up some of my favorite items I’ve been seeing! I’ve seen LOTS of great appliances, storage items, kitchen pieces, and more that I can’t wait to share with you. Scroll below to see my favorite Back-to-School items that the college kid in your life has on their wishlist.

BACK TO SCHOOL | College Essentials

Cookware Set– It can be a challenge to find a cookware set that is durable and affordable. However, I found this set that I think is perfect for college with nonstick pans!

Clear Organizers– These are perfect to help store different items in a mini fridge–such as water or fruit. 

Mini Fridge– A HUGE must-have for college and dorms. This Whirpool mini-fridge is spacious while still being concise enough to fit in smaller spaces. 

Brita– Another must-have for every college-aged student! This Brita allows for minimal waste from plastic bottles and comes with a filter for the freshest water. 

Ice Tray– You can’t have your water without ice (or at least I can’t!). These two pack trays are super helpful and easy to store in your mini fridge. 

Rolling Cart– I’ve seen lots of college-aged students using rolling carts as a bedside table and for storage purposes. I think it’s a great option to store items that you’re accessing on a daily basis. 

Extension Cord– Another classic staple as you can never have too many plugs! I love that this also offers surge protection to ensure your devices aren’t affected. 

Hangers– I am always needing more hangers and are such an easy item to stock up on–especially at $1.80 for 5 hangers!

Fan– Can you believe this chic fan is only $20? It comes with two-speed settings and is able to project air up to 20 feet–perfect for dorms and small spaces.

Dining Set– This 20-piece dining set comes stacked with plates, bowls, and cups with two different sizes. It’s a great starter set for college-age students. 


Bedding Set– I found this adorable 19-piece bedding set with all the bells and whistles. It even has a mattress topper! This set comes in multiple different color waves to suit the college student in your life. 

Hanger Set– I may or may not be stocking up on these for myself personally! These hanger sets allow you to maximize a small closet space. 

Fan– I loved that this fan offered a clip so you’re able to clip this onto a bed, desk, chair, any spot you’re needing some extra air flow.

Command Strips– Dorm and apartment have a no-nail policy? No worries! These heavy-duty Command Strips are perfect to use to hang up wall decor or even hooks for a backpack or towels. 

Gold Knobs– How adorable are these knobs? Pair with a Command Strip and elevate the dorm or apartment with these chic gold knob. 

Bed Risers– Maximize your small space by using bed risers so you’re able to store more items underneath the bed. 

Handheld Vacuum– Easy to store and easy to use! What could be better? It can be tricky cramming all sorts of cleaning supplies into a small space, however, this handheld vacuum is the perfect size. 

Multi-Plug Extension Cord– You can NEVER have too many plugs. Plus, it even has USB ports!

Lap Desk– I LOVED this lap desk as soon as I saw it. It has storage, a place for your coffee, and plenty of working space to hold your laptop, iPad, and all your notebooks. 

Charging Lamp– I’m all about making the most functionality behind any item. This lamp is modern and also functions as another charging station. 


Vacuum– This vacuum is less than $25 and is a 3-in-1! It’s designed to be tough on dirt and soft on your hard surfaces, area rugs, and carpet.

Rolling Cart-Another great option for storage and furniture! I have seen lots of people use these as nightstands and hold all the items you’ll need daily.

Extension Cord– Another classic staple as you can never have too many plugs! I love that this also offers surge protection to ensure your devices aren’t affected. 

T.V.- This 32″ T.V. is the perfect size for a small space. PLUS, it’s less than $125 and is compatible with ROKU!

T.V. Stand– For less than $100 your college-aged student can have storage, place to feature some of their favorite decor items, and hold their T.V. 

Smiley Face LED Sign– I thought this would be a fun decor item for a dorm or an apartment! The cord is long and able to fit in those hard-to-reach places. PLUS, it’s less than $20!

Digital Clock– Even with phones, I still prefer to have a digital clock easy to view to keep myself on track with all the moving parts.

Single-Serve Keurig Machine– What sums up the quintessential college necessity other than a coffee machine? I can’t think of anything better!

Shower Caddy– Keep all of the bathroom essentials stored in one spot. This shower caddy has several different-sized pockets to allow for all the toiletry items. 

Loofah– Minimize the laundry by using a loofah over a wash rag for only $3!

Towel Set– Time to upgrade the towels for this 10-piece set! The best part? It’s less than $15.  

Bedding– I love simple, clean bedding and this comforter definitely caught my eye. It comes in several different colors and is machine-washable. 

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