Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition


Fall Inspired Coffee Table Styling

Your coffee table may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to home decor but it should absolutely be added to the list! Maybe not everyone is as much of a planner as I am but I’m here to tell you a coffee table styling really does tie a room together. Sure, our go-to’s for seasonal decorations are typically the front porch, dining room table, kitchen island –  and it may stop there. It doesn’t have to though! I am always looking for more reasons to add to my seasonal decor bins and coffee table styling is absolutely one of them. Keep scrolling to get inspired!

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Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #livingroom #furniture #table #neutral #monochrome

Clover Leaf Coffee Table

Have you ever seen a coffee table shaped like this before? It's SO unique and bound to be a conversation starter whether you decorate it or not!

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #modern #furniture #livingroom #rectangle #

Coffee Table with Gold Finish Legs

I love a nice gold finish - it adds a pop of color to an otherwise neutral piece. This would sit perfectly in any living room space!

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #modern #nesting #hexagon #livingroom #furniture

Two-Piece Coffee Table Set

Another unique find and I love how it's a two-piece set! I feel like finding furniture already in pairs is tough these days. This coffee table set is sure to be at home wherever you place it.

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #fauxfloral #floral #flowers #white #neutral #autumn

Faux Amaryllis Flowers

These beautiful white amaryllis flowers are the perfect item to brighten up a room. A wonderfully easy and inexpensive way to bring life into any space is with faux florals like these!

Modern Round Planter

Your faux florals need somewhere to go, don't they? I love this modern planter, it's neutral tone makes it easy to pair with any color flower! Use it indoors or outdoors - it's up to you.

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #fauxfloral #floral #autumn #flowerarrangement

Faux Baby's Breath Bundle

I love this bundle of faux florals! They are so full and will certainly bring a touch of autumn into any room. Place in your favorite vase or buy a new one for the occasion!

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #book #reading #hardcover #athome

'At Home'

Coffee table books are meant to be for show. However, if you love reading this is a great find! It dives into the world of interior design and provides inspiration to anyone looking to re-decorate their home!

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #book #hardcover #downtoearth #reading #photographs

'Down to Earth'

Looking for something a little more laid back? This is for you! It was written by an HGTV star and discusses different interior design styles for different homes. It's the perfect find if you already have a vision for your home.

Coffee Table Styling | Fall Edition | #coffeetable #styling #fall #edition #white #neutral #book #hardcover #monochromatic #home

'Monochrome Home'

I love neutral tones, this book is ALL about creating a home surrounded by black, white, and shades of grey. The author provides mood boards and analyzes the effect of different monochromatic schemes.

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