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It may have taken me some time, but I have finally gotten my bedroom to a place where I am excited to go to sleep. I know that sounds crazy, but as someone who struggles with sleeping I value when I can get a good nights rest. I have tried so many different mattress, bedding, duvet inserts, pillows, and I finally feel as though these are the items that make me feel as though I am sleeping at a Ritz Carlton, or a Rosewood property which has been my goal the entire time.

I did a lot of research, tested a lot of products and I can confidently stand behind the ones listed below. Click each link to shop:

Canopy Bed – This was what I chose when I decided I could not afford the Restoration Hardware French Canopy bed. It’s still a little bit of a splurge, but completely worth it because I am able to sit higher than I was in a low profile bed and for some reason that makes me feel more safe (probably because the monsters under it can’t get me.)

Mattress – This one was a fun one. I laid on so many beds, and actually purchased a completely different mattress. I had it delivered, slept on it and my back hurt so badly in the morning I started crying because (I am a little embarrassed to admit this) but I had never purchased a mattress before, and it’s a hefty expense. Luckily, the store allowed me to exchange it and I got this one from BeautyRest. I wanted a hybrid because I was fearful of the sagging that you hear associated with memory foam, and I am never looking back. They have me as a customer for life I love the mattress that much. The Mattress Store Owner told me that this is an NFL player favorite and I figured if they liked it / didn’t have any issues with sagging, I probably wouldn’t either lol.

Duvet Cover + Sheets – I have tried probably five different sets and while I did like a few others, these are my favorite. At first, I was a little skeptical because they are on the thinner side but after a few washes they are so soft, and still looked structured and not disheveled. I would buy these again, and probably will when I need an additional set. I also liked it so much, I got them for my guest room so that my guests felt like they were sleeping at a boutique hotel!

Duvet Insert – Okay I am also really passionate about this because I am a furnace when I sleep, but I also have to sleep with something weighted. I tried weighted blankets, and hated them, and have tried three different duvet inserts. Two from Amazon, one from Ikea and of those the Ikea was my favorite because it was light but it was not weighted enough. I went to the PB store and spoke with an associate there, and she had mentioned down alternative which I was against but I had no idea why. I only knew about down, what is this alternative you speak of? What sold me is that it is also a cooling item so it helps keep me not as hot at night and I have had WAY less nights where I have woken up feeling like I sweat all night. Also, friendly tip – always order a size up from your duvet insert if able because it makes it more full.

Pillows – I actually received these as a gift from the company without any stipulations on posting the item, and thought nothing about it really because usually what you receive as a gift from a company, depending on the company can be not the best. Well, thanks Coop because I love these pillows (and no, this is not a sponsored post.) The thing I like about them is that you can take out or put more stuffing in because they give you a bag of extra stuffing, which is pieces of memory foam that are cooling. They were pretty full so I took about 25% of the stuffing out and saved it in case I changed my mind. I got my parents hooked on these pillows, and now my bedroom at their home has them as well!

Euro Sham Inserts – I had several people recommend these to me, and I ordered one size up from what my pillow size is. They’re relatively full, and once they sat for a few days really plumped up but for the price you cannot beat them.

Linked the rest below!

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