New Designer Lookalike Finds

Wanted to share some of the best new designer home lookalike finds I have found, some of them I own and love! There are so many good lookalike options out there and I have spent a lot of time finding them for you! You can find a link to my Amazon Storefront here.


Brass Picture Light – I have the black version of this in my house and may be switching to brass, and this is at the top of my list because the color is not “too gold.”

Linen Curtain Panels – This is the curtain panel set I use in so many of my designs because of how beautiful they are. I love the pinch pleat, and the color options are just killer. My next house, I will be ordering a set of these.

Restoration Hardware Gilt Arched Mirror – This is also an Arhaus dupe but is currently in my cart for my entry way.

Decorative Concrete Moss Bowl – This is a great decor piece that can be added to literally any part of your home. I have two of them around my house and it is such a great piece.

Restoration Hardware Library Task Floor Lamp Dupe – I ordered this and think it is such a good dupe! I have it next to my sectional and it already came with the bulb, super easy to assemble.

Media Console – This is such a great neutral piece, and an even better price point!

Neutral and Brass Dining Chair – I have these chairs and LOVE them. Sometimes when I work from home, I sit at my dining table since I don’t have an office and got rid of my previous chairs because they were not comfortable. These are so comfortable, great shape, even better coloring, and look so much more luxe than I expected.

Restoration Hardware Vintage Candelabra Two-Tier Chandelier Dupe – Such a classic chandelier option, and for a fraction of the cost from RH.

Restoration Hardware Marbella Outdoor Set Dupe – If I had a patio big enough for a set, this or the Balmain dupe below would 100% be on it. This set is so chic and is almost an exact mirror of the Marbella. 10/10 for this one.

Coffee Table Book – This coffee table book usually floats around $140 at other retailers, but found it here for less than $90. 

CB2 Stature Ivory Dining Armchair Dupe – CB2 is a store I often find myself liking things at (my dining table is from there) and this chair seems to be sweeping the masses in popularity. In comes in several colors but the boucle option seems to be the crowd favorite.

Restoration Hardware French Contemporary Closed Nightstand Dupe – If I needed nightstands, I would 100% get these. They are on my short list for either my bedroom or guest room once I decide to swap my current ones out.

Luxury Bath Sheets – These are currently in my cart! I love having a bath sheet size in my home, and it is also a perfect set for guests to be able to get a luxury hotel experience while they are visiting.

Arhaus Cast Iron Taper Candle Dupe – I have these and they are so much nicer in person than I expected them to be! Super heavy and tall, and I paired them with flameless candles like these that are battery operated and are such a vibe.

Four Hands Tilda Sideboard Dupe – This one recently dropped and is just so good. It’s slightly smaller than the original, but a fraction of the cost and a great blend of modern and transitional.

Restoration Hardware French Column Table Lamp Dupe – This lamp is such a GOOD DUPE! Comes in three colors and is right at $50 which is a steal! 

Neutral Area Rug – I ordered this because my living room rug was looking a little faded and MAN was I surprised at how good it is! I wanted something easy to clean because of my dog, Ellie, and she’s tracked some mud on it that came out no problem. To me, it looks like a high end MGBW rug but for a fraction of the cost and am so pleased with it!

Restoration Hardware T-Brace Collection Coffee Table Dupe – This is a wonderful lookalike for the T-Brace collection, I cannot believe this one!

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover – I’ll never forget I saw a KUWTK episode and Kourtney had a duvet similar to this on her bed, and I thought “I probably cannot afford that but it’s gorgeous” and this one has insane reviews, comes in two colors and is under $75.

Neutral Media Console – The price of this media console alone makes me want to buy it, and as I am writing this it is on sale for $199! It comes in several different colors and I’ve seen photos of it and it looks way more expensive than it is. 

Restoration Hardware French Column Floor Lamp Dupe – Was shocked when I found this gem! I love the clean lines of the lamp and the thickness seems to be perfect for any space.

Neutral Counter Stool Set – This set is super affordable and is so expensive looking. I love the shape of both the upholstered part, as well as the shape of the brass legs.

Restoration Hardware Balmain Outdoor Dupe – This is probably one of my favorites I have ever found of all time. The set really speaks for itself, and comes in a few variations – i.e. chairs only, etc. but my goodness it is on my list to purchase when I get a bigger patio! 

Decorative Concrete Bowl – In case you want to do a DIY version of the moss bowl, this bowl is a great option and I have these moss pebbles and it looks so nice!

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