Styling Indoor Faux Plants

Styling Indoor Faux Plants

tasteful + modern styled faux indoor plants

Hi Friends! I am so excited to share with you how I created my indoor olive tree as well as other indoor plants and the materials I used to create them in a way that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing! I am well aware that some people absolutely love indoor plants but there are still a few unsure if this is something they can pull off in their carefully and intricately decorated homes! Here’s the thing, there are many different scenarios in which a faux plant is the way to go. Example: You may want to place a plant in an area of your home that receives little to no sunlight or even a space where accidental water drainage should not touch (carpet, certain wood finishes, or even near electrical cords). Trust me, I have found some very unique ways of elevating your indoor faux plants in a way that still remains tasteful and modern. 


I have curated a solid list of items and supplies that you can use to assemble the most high-end and modern-looking faux plants for your home! I have found everything you need on Amazon including moss, stems, and even full faux trees! This is such a fun and modern way to spice up a small space of your home that you may not know how to style! 

Faux Olive Tree | This Olive Tree is 6ft and perfect for a large corner space that you aren’t sure what to do with!

Green Bulk Moss | This moss is perfect for filling up pots and vases to avoid seeing empty space from above! 

Large Pot For Indoor Tree | This large ceramic pot is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and comes in 5 different colors to accommodate any home aesthetic. 

Home Spike Ceramic Vase | this vase is super unique with its shape and texture and perfect for any style of stem decor. 

Black Bowl Pot | This black bowl will confidently display your moss, river rocks, or even small succulent plant! 

White River Rocks | I loved using these river rocks as filler when I potted a few of my artificial plant designs.  

White Cherry Blossom Stems | These stems are beautifully crafted and are hard to tell apart from the real thing! 

Artificial Greenery Branches | Artificial greenery at a budgeted price? Count me in! These branches have such a great color to them and will pair well with any vase!

Artificial Baby Stems | I love the look of a simple stem in a unique vase. it brings such a modern aspect to any corner of your home. 

Moss Rocks | These moss rocks have a more delicate feel and design and work perfectly in any modern dish for display. 

White Hollowed Vase | This white hollowed vase will draw any guests’ attention and will definitely spice up any modern home space. 

Preserved Moss Bunch | Moss is the best especially when it is used as filler for your artificial planters!

The Olive Tree Process | How I Styled Mine!

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